Commer Group

Commer Investments

Commer Investments is the venture capital arm of the Commer Group. It has helped many small and medium-sized businesses with a combination of management expertise and funding that fills a gap between traditional bank lending and typical venture capital investment.

Currently, Commer Investments retains a significant minority shareholding in Tadcaster Pub Company, an independent business that was formerly a division within the group, and was founded on the success of its predecessor, Commer Inns.  Visit the Tadcaster Pub Company web site.

We are primarily interested in UK companies based in the north of England. Here is a guide to our investment strategy:

Typical investment deals – We will typically invest between £100,000 and £500,000 in return for an equity stake in the business of between 25 and 49 per cent and a seat on the board. Only in exceptional circumstances would we consider taking a shareholding excess of 49 per cent.

Adding value to our investment – Subject to key financial controls we believe in giving management freedom to run their businesses. In addition to our investment we also offer the support of our own management skills and experience, together with the benefits of the group’s contacts and influential relationships.

Our return on investment timetable – Ideally we will look to realise our investment within five years. However, our main objective is to align our interests with those of the company’s management, building value over the medium term, and realising our investment at the same time as the management wishes to do so, or when an outside influence presents an opportunity.

Development Stages

  • Early-stage enterprises
  • Management buy-outs
  • Management buy-ins

Funding For 

  • Acquisition Expansion
  • Expansion
  • Development capital
  • Working capital 

Key Characteristics

  • Run by capable, innovative and self-motivated individuals. 
  • Businesses that we can understand, believe in, and to which we can add value. 
  • Business propositions that are investment ready – with a full business plan with at least three years detailed financial trading projections that have been evaluated and challenged by a firm of chartered accountants. 

We are unlikely to invest in

  • Companies at an embryonic or research/prototype stage of development.
  • Market-ready start-ups, unless an exceptionally strong case can be presented.
  • A turnaround prospect unless it can be demonstrated that significant changes have already taken place and that the management is fully committed and has addressed the underlying issues affecting the business. 

Enquirers should contact: 01937 833311